ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER account enables you to take control of your trading by managing your entire portfolio from one account:

150+ FX pairs (Forex spot, Forex options)

11.000+ Stocks

7.500+ CFDs

Trade 450+ Futures

Trade 1.000 + ETFs



Try ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER platform now and access the global markets anytime, anywhere.

ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER is the complete trading solution that gives clients full, flexible access to the financial markets from their personal computer. Through our platform trading has never been easier.

To try ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER, just sign up for a demo account. You will then receive an e-mail with a link to download the platform. Set you own password and login.



ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER offers margin trading on CFDs Trades and FX Margin Trades.
  • Leverage CFD investments up to 10 times by trading on margin
  • Margin Trading of up to 200:1 on certain FX Margin Trades
Margin Trading opportunities are available for both FX Spot and Forward Positions.