Through ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER you can access more than 12000 available stock quotes on 22 of the world's largest exchanges.
Investors can enjoy,

  • An in-depth view of the market with Level 2 market depth (available on several major exchanges on agreement)
  • Direct access to live stock prices (available on agreement)
  • Low and fixed commissions, transparent pricing and no additional charges
  • Streaming news from 3 major providers plus market research, analysis and trade ideas broadcasted directly in the platform

Stocks as collateral 

ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER allows a percentage of the collateral invested in certain stocks to be used for margin trading activities (Forex and CFD trading). The percentage of the collateral that can be used for each stock is included in the list of stocks available for trading.

Taxation on UK stocks

For UK stocks, a PTM levy and Stamp Duty may be applicable. A PTM (Panel for Takeovers and Mergers) levy of GBP 1 applied to buy and sell transactions where the gross value of the trade exceeds GBP 10,000.

Taxation on Swiss stocks

For Swiss stocks, a Stamp Tax of 0.075% is payable on the gross value of the trade.

Currency Conversions

Currency conversions are done using the close rate at New York (17:00 New York Local Time) plus/minus 0.5%.

Dividends from Stock Positions

Dividend payments from stock positions will be credited to your account less any applicable withholding taxes.