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ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER is the complete trading solution that gives clients full, flexible access to the financial markets from their personal computer. Through our platform trading has never been easier.

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  • Trade 160+ FX crosses, Spot Gold/Silver and CFDs from 23 major exchanges
  • Real-time prices available on subscription 
  • Advanced charting and analysis tools for predicting market trends
  • Research and market news 
  • Constant update of account summary and portfolio performance

ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER platform offers secure, efficient and reliable access to your account, allowing for the best possible trading conditions.

ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER is an easy-to-use, fully customizable trading platform that integratestrading, analysis, price monitoring and research functions into one interface.


  • Trading quickly and efficiently
  • Advanced charting system that allows fast data manipulation and offers an in-depth technical analysis and open order tracking
  • Price monitoring and trading from a single list, allowing you to combine instruments from an entire product range
  • Fully personalized trading environment, with charts, live prices, analysis and modules where needed
  • Instrument Explorer; Quick access to thousands of instruments and a launching pad for trading, analysis and charting functions