ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER account supports offline trading of a wide range of Sovereign, Government and Corporate Bonds in US Dollars, the Euro and the British Pound through direct telephone and online access to specialist dealers (+357 22 717072).

Simple e-mail orders can also be placed at

Bond positions can then be monitored online in real-time through ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER platform.

ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER allows almost up to 100% of Bond collateral to be used for trading margin products, such as in the online Forex market and for leveraged CFD trading.

Existing Bonds can also be deposited with ARGUS GLOBAL TRADER as margin collateral.  The value of the Bond available for margin trading depends on the bond rating.

About Fixed Income investment

Offering an alternative in times of volatile or stagnant equity and currency markets, Fixed Income securities can be an important low risk instrument used as a capital preservation tool within an investment portfolio.